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Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch's Educational Adventures program aims to provide students and teachers not only with outstanding learning opportunities on the Ranch during field trips, but also with resources to make classroom learning and investigations more exciting. We are proud to offer educators tools to help bring textbooks to life. Use these expository writing prompts to help fulfill state writing expectations at every grade level. 


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WEEK 2 (Feb. 20)

PROMPT 1: There is joke about the why the chicken crossed the road. Give an explanation why this Aoudad might be crossing the road. 

PROMPT 2: Here is a picture of an African Crowned Crane. Think about all the physical traits that you see: the long thin legs, large wing span, a large beak, and a fancy feather on his head. Explain why you think this animal needs each of these traits to stay alive.

WEEK 1 (Feb. 13)

Animals can be silly, too. What do you think this Zebra is doing? Why might he act this way? Be sure to give details in your essay!