Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch’s successful giraffe breeding

program spawns 32nd baby giraffe

Birth heralds “Faith” in wild giraffe conservation efforts 

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New Braunfels, Texas—Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch (NBWR) welcomed its 32nd baby giraffe on November 9. The female Reticulated Giraffe, fondly named Faith, weighed a little more than 120 pounds and stands slightly over 5 feet tall. She is the third generation of giraffe born at the ranch. 

“We are extremely careful and thoughtful in creating a natural environment for the Reticulated Giraffe population to thrive,” said Tiffany Soechting, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch animal specialist. In operation since 1984, NBWR’s successful breeding program spawned rare twin giraffes in 2013. The twin giraffes were the 9th known set of living twins born to the world and gain world wide publicity.

Faith is a Reticulated Giraffe that originates from the Horn of Africa, where there has been an 80 percent loss of the wild population in the last 15 years.  All giraffe species across Africa, the only continent where they roam wild, have lost 40 percent of their wild population in the last 30 years.  

“Did you know that in Africa there are approximately 400,000 elephants, but only 97,000 giraffes?  This disconnect has led to their otherwise silent extinction,” said Tiffany Soechting, animal specialist at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. 

Soechting recently returned from a giraffe research expedition in South Africa with a team of researchers from 9 countries.  The team set out to tag and gather data from 20 giraffes in five days on the 100,000 acre Rooipoort Nature Reserve. Rooipoort was established in 1893 and is one of the oldest conservation areas in South Africa. 

The giraffes were tagged with state-of-the-art radio transmitting harnesses that collect data on the species location and migration patterns. During the tagging, hair, fecal, blood and fluid samples were extracted to learn more about a wild giraffe’s life to help create sustainability in wild populations.  Also on hand was an international film crew which captured all the action for a brand new *documentary about giraffe conservation entitled, “Catching Giants” the sequel to the award-winning National Geographic film, “Walking with Giraffes”.

“The Ranch is committed to the longevity of the giraffe species, both in captivity and the wild,” said Soechting. “Hand-rearing the male giraffe twin, Buddy, created an inseparable bond that is my driving force to change the tide of knowledge about the rapid decline of wild giraffe populations. People need to know that giraffe in Africa need help.”

On World Giraffe Day on June 21, Soechting and fellow giraffe conservationists Ashley Davison, Fred Bercovitch and Catherine Land established Save the Giraffes , a non-profit organization whose mission is to guarantee that giraffes are protected and preserved in their natural habitat. 

NBWR is recognized as one of the top family attractions in Texas and ranked by USA Today and Parade Magazine as one of the top animal safari’s in the US.  The ranch is home to over 500 animals from 40 different species around the world, including two thriving herds of giraffe.

About Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch
Opened in 1984, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch has become one of Texas’ most recognized entertainment attractions. The Ranch covers 450 acres of Texas hill country terrain and provides 6 miles of paved roads where guests drive through and witness the natural animal behaviors of exotic, native and endangered animal species from all over the world.  The natural, free-roaming environment is home to unique animals, including Southern White Rhinoceros’, North American Buffalo, Reticulated Giraffes, as well as many zebras, emus, ostriches, gazelle and wildebeests. For more information, visit .

*To view footage from the movie trailer for Catching Giants  . 

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