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    Ostrich feathers, zebra ears and buffalo noses so close to you, you could touch them.

    That's Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, one of Texas' most recognized family entertainment attractions.

    Meander through 400 acres of rolling hills, creek beds, and magnificent live oak trees and witness the behavior of over 500 animals from 40 exotic, native and endangered animal species worldwide.

    Get your safari hat—and join us for an adventure of a lifetime—African Safari, Texas-Style!




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    Twin Reticulated Giraffes

    Twin Reticulated Giraffes, the only set of living twins born in United States, were delivered at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch last May 10, 2013. The twin giraffes were the 9th known set of living twins born worldwide since record keeping started in the early 1800's.

    The first-born is a female. She was given the name Wasswa, which is an African name for first born of twins. She was raised by the mother. The second-born was a male. He was given the name Nakato, which is the coordinating name given to the second born of twins. He has gained the nickname, Buddy, as he has become quite the character being hand raised and relishing in the attention of his caretakers.

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