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Lemurs are from Madagascar, which is an island off the east coast of Africa.

  • Madagascar is the size of TEXAS. Habitats on this huge island vary from tropical forests to dry deserts. Lemurs have adapted to survive in these diverse habitats.
  • The main diet of lemurs consists of leaves and fruits. On occasions, they will even eat bugs. At the Wildlife Ranch, they are fed a commercially formulated diet called lemur biscuits.
  • Ring tailed lemurs spend more time on the ground than any other lemur species.
  • Lemurs are very social creatures and live in groups called troops.
  • The babies ride on their mother’s back until they are about 3-4 months of age.
  • Lemurs have scent glands on their forearms and on their “hind ends.” They wipe the secretions that come from their scent glands on objects to mark their territory with their unique scent.
  • Lemurs use their long tails for many forms of communication. They wipe their tails on their scent glands and wave their scent at other lemurs. This is called “stick fights.” Lemurs also walk with their tails held high in the air when moving to keep the troop (group) together.
  • The hands and feet of a lemur look very similar to humans. Their palms are covered with smooth skin. Lemurs even have fingerprints!
  • Ring tailed Lemurs have a distinctive "sunning" posture where they sit upright on their haunches, spread-eagle, and rest their forearms on their knees, exposing their undersides to direct sunlight.








Why does the lemur go crazy?
 A: Because he is bananas.

Where do lemurs go when they lose their tails?
 A: The retail store.

What do you call a lemur with a banana
  in each ear?
 A: Whatever you want ... it can’t hear

Who is the most famous lemur actor?
   A: King Julian.





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