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Adventure Tour
Please allow about 2 hours.


Wild adventures await you on this Safari Trek through 400 acres of the Texas Hill Country. From the comfort of your own vehicle or bus, photograph, feed and get up-close-and-personal with over 50 different animal species from around the world. You are encouraged to travel through the Safari more than once while you are here. If you come on a bus, one of our animal specialists may be available to step on-board to identify the animals and fill you full of interesting animal facts that are age appropriate and will enhance your tour.  The Petting Barnyard has friendly animals you can feed a tasty treat. Enjoy parrots, macaws, and giraffes in the Walk-A-Bout animal exhibits and marvel at the troop of Ring-Tailed Lemurs roaming freely on Lemur Island. 

Adventure Tour and Interactive Program
Please allow about 2.5 hours.


A great addition to your Adventurous Safari Trek is our Interactive Program. This program, lead by an animal specialist, allows you to get hands-on interaction, touching, holding and investigating horns, antler, eggs, feathers and more. The unique classroom setting in our Longneck Learning Center allows animals, like the giraffes, to join your class if they are feeling up to it (Note: Animal behavior is unpredictable, and some days giraffes are not up to being social). Each presentation is geared to the appropriate grade level, with topics such as Similarities/Difference, Adaptations, Habitats and Taxonomy.

Adventure Tour, Interactive Program and Lunch—The Ultimate Ranch Experience
Please allow about 3.5 hours.


Bring your safari-sized appetite to our Safari Camp Grill. In addition to your wildly Adventurous Safari Trek and Interactive Program, you can enjoy a meal indoors or outdoors at picnic tables under the trees or under our covered picnic pavilion. Animal sights and sounds will surround you while you tame your appetite. Your meal can be served before or after your Adventurous Safari Trek and Interactive Program.

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All tours and programs are subject to availability and may change without notice.  Please contact one of our Animal Specialist Education Coordinators for more information and to schedule your next Adventurous group tour.

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Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is located between San Antonio and New Braunfels, Texas

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