One part education.
One part preservation.

Mix it up for a day full of fun and adventure.

girafe-thumb-1As you roll up to the admissions window, a family of Reticulated
Giraffes is peeking over their enclosure welcoming you to one wild,
family experience.

You can hear the high-pitched calls of the Gibbon and the Macaws from their enclosed perches in the Walk-A-Bout.

A peacock may even cross your path as you move through the entry area.

Entering the Tatonka Range, one of the first to reach your window for a tasty snack (the feed you receive with your admission tickets) may be the Aoudad or Kudu, antelope species native to Africa.

Glancing through the trees, the 6-foot span of the Watusi’s horns will grab your eye. And, you may have an American Bison walking up the road towards your vehicle.

Elk, Fallow, Axis, and the Japanese Sika are just a few of the other unique species that will make their way to you for a treat. (Please do not feed the animals from your hand. Drop the feed on the ground.)

Roll down the hill towards the Cibolo Creek, and you round the corner to the Kenyan Preserve, where you can witness the world’s largest antelope, the Eland. It’s also home to one of the Ranch’s most popular animals, the Damaraland Zebra. Friendly and hungry, they will grace your vehicle from all sides, some smiling for photos.

Move into the Massai Savanna and witness some of the largest, most unique flightless birds in the world. Emu, Rhea and the Ostrich meander the landscape, beckoning a handful of feed.  Ostriches perform a flamboyant mating ritual dance—which is an amazing sight, should you be fortunate to catch them in the act.

For over 28 years, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch has taken to heart the care of animals from all over the world. With over 400-acres of pristine, natural, protected, environment, animal populations continue to thrive. A drive through the park is testament, as young zebras, llamas, antelope and rheas and a host of others dot the landscape.

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch takes pride in showcasing and sharing with you amazing creatures from all over the world. One part education, one part preservation; mixing it up for a day full of fun and adventure.





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Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is located between San Antonio and New Braunfels, Texas

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