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zebra-1Damaraland Zebras are one of
the most popular animals at
Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.

The Damaraland Zebras have brownish colored “shadow stripes” between their black and white stripes. Their stripes only encompass their body and do not carry all the way to their hooves. This is an easy indicator that zebras are white with black stripes because you can see their legs are white where there are no stripes.

Zebras are closely related to horses.

They have been called “striped horses.” Similar to horses, female zebras are called mares and male zebras are called stallions. Babies are called foals. Male baby zebras are called colts and female baby zebras are called fillies.

zebra-3A baby zebra’s mane runs from its forehead to its tail. Their hair is not slick like their parents. It is longer and has a fuzzy, fluffy appearance. Fifteen minutes after birth, zebras are able to stand. Within an hour, they are able to run and keep up with the herd (a group).



Trivia Questions

1. How many different kinds of zebras are there?
A. 1
B. 7
C. 3
D. 20

2. What are adult male zebras called?
A. mares
B. boomers
C. stallions
D. bulls

Guess What?
Every zebra in the world has a different set of stripes, just like a human fingerprint.

rhino-footHoofed animals are divided into even-toed and odd-toed. Zebras have one toe and rhinoceros have 3 toes so they are surprising related.


Answers to questions above:
B and C


A Fun Quick Project

Make a stamp imprint of your thumbprint holding your thumb sideways. Now, use this as the zebra’s body and draw in a head, legs and a tail. If you like it, make a whole herd.

zebrafunproject-up Click to Download PDF file with Instructions


Zebra Game

Can you find your way through the zebra stripes?

Click on the zebra below and print out
the zebra-maze.

Have fun!



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