Stretch Your Legs

and Take a Walk-A-Bout

the Wild Side


walkaboutthumbIt’s the inquisitive gaze of the 20-foot tall reticulated giraffes that greet visitors as they enter the ranch; “oohhhhs, and ahhhhs” throughout the vehicle are the added bonus.

The giraffe barn is front and center in the walk-a-bout, allowing you the chance to get up close to their environment.

In between The Trading Post gift shop and Safari Camp Grill, you are graced with the sights and sounds of the Scarlet Macaw, the Amazon Parrot, and the shriek call and acrobatic acts of the lesser ape, the Gibbon. Gibbons use their long arms in a spectacular arm-swinging locomotion called brachiation

Meander over to Lemur Island, an open-air, cage-free enclosure that mimics the habitat of the Ring-tailed Lemur’s native home of Madagascar. Carefully-crafted tree stands emulate Madagascar’s native Tamarind trees, which offer shade and play for the lemurs. The 1,500-square-foot island is surrounded by a 78,000 gallon re-circulated mote that maintains the humidity and temperature for which the Lemurs are accustomed.

Peacocks, Peahens and their offspring roam freely, showcasing their beautiful eye-spotted tail feathers. They know their beauty, and will pose for photos.

For a classic snap shot to remember your trek, take a stroll over to the vintage tractor behind Safari Camp Grill. The kids will love it.


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Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is located between San Antonio and New Braunfels, Texas

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